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Writing isn’t about the writer, or even the business it’s written for. It’s about your potential readership. I’m a freelance writer and editor, specializing in content marketing, website creation, and building an online presence. Whether you have a website, blog, newsletter, social media account or more, I can help you connect with your readers and engage with your target audience.


Feature Writing

As a freelance writer with a diverse range of clients, I have developed an adaptable writing style suitable for any print or digital medium. When creating content, I work to capture readers’ attention, satisfy their curiosity, and keep them coming back for more.


If you’re after eye-catching copy that stops your target audience in their proverbial tracks, look no further. Whether you need product and service descriptions, catalogue content, email marketing or event advertising, reach out to me today.


Need a keen eye to help polish your work to perfection? With a working knowledge of the mechanics of language, I will check and recheck your work so that no comma is ever out of place. I can also rewrite content to make it shine.

Social Media Content

Social media is a fantastic platform to build your brand and engage with your followers. It also provides an opportunity to form an online community. I can create vibrant and captivating content that makes the most of your potential reach.

SEO and Web Content

Keywords are good, but high-quality content is better. Your online presence needs to be relevant, inviting and written for people. I can make sure that your content will appeal to readers and do all the hard work for you. By including long-chain keywords in an organic way, I can also help potential customers find you online.

Creative Writing/Fiction

As an award-winning writer, I specialize in crafting creative content, both fiction and non-fiction. Need a unique creative voice? Want something guaranteed to hook your readers? You’ve definitely come to the right place.

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Web Content and Copywriting: Full website content and business copywriting

Web Content and SEO: Full website content and search engine optimisation

Web Content and Copywriting: Full website content and business copywriting

For more information on my latest work, please visit my Portfolio page.

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