About Me

Language is one of the most powerful tools in the professional world.

The right selection of words strung together in just the right order can do almost anything. It can tell a story. It can make you laugh, or cry, or bring old memories bubbling up to the surface. It can influence, outrage, startle or inspire. Words can sell a product, generate ideas, build a brand and create a following.

Let me introduce myself

My name is Ekaterina Tretiakova, and I’m a freelance writer and editor. Armed with a degree in Professional and Creative Writing from Deakin University, I’m highly skilled in all aspects of writing.

As a professional storyteller, there’s nothing I’m more passionate about than telling stories. With an insatiable love of reading, I began my career writing short works of fiction. In 2012, I was awarded the John Marsden Prize for my short story, Poppies. I continue to indulge in creative writing by actively posting stories on my blog www.writingontangents.com.

I went on to fall in love with feature writing. As a volunteer writer, I contributed over forty articles for a prominent science blog with over 600,000 Facebook followers. My posts ranged in subject matter, from the evolution of our universe to the Antikythera mechanism. Every article was rewarding and generated a huge positive response from followers. During this time I strengthened my research skills. I also developed the ability to put together information in a compelling and entertaining way.

Now I’m proud to apply my skills as a freelance writer and editor. By learning readers’ tastes, what they’re seeking, and sometimes what they simply don’t expect to find, I can write on any topic tailored for any audience. So whatever your project, whether it’s a community newsletter, an article for a lifestyle magazine, or a striking new website for your business, I can provide fresh, eye-catching content made for your audience.

Every client receives a personalized experience, tailored to their needs. If you’re looking to hire a freelance writer and editor, reach out to me today by filling out a contact form.

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